Our mission, as the British Columbia Student Subunit of the Washington-British Columbia Chapter of the American Fisheries Society (AFS), is to unite undergraduate and graduate students in fisheries research at universities and colleges in British Columbia.

We operate under the larger mission of AFS, to advance sound science, promote professional development, and disseminate science-based fisheries information for the global protection, conservation, and sustainability of fisheries resources and aquatic ecosystems.

The British Columbia Student Subunit (AFS-BC) is a valuable resource for students pursuing careers in fisheries, providing opportunities for like-minded students to come together, share ideas and connect with fisheries biologists and managers.


2016-2017 Executive Committee

President: Sam Wilson (Simon Fraser University)

Sam is a PhD student in the Earth2Ocean group at Simon Fraser University. Her research is focussed on how climate change can effect estuary conditions during juvenile salmon outmigration. In her spare time she enjoys crafting, cooking, fishing, and hiking, although not necessarily in that order.



Vice-President: Sean Godwin (Simon Fraser University)

Sean is a PhD student in the Earth2Ocean Lab at Simon Fraser University. His research focuses on marine fish conservation and, in particular, how parasitism impacts the early marine life of wild salmon. His supervisors would say he spends way too much of his time playing in the outdoors, usually on the sides of cliffs.




Secretary: Cameron Freshwater (University of Victoria)

Cameron is a PhD student in the Fisheries, Ecology and Marine Conservation Lab at the University of Victoria. He studies how the migratory behavior of juvenile salmon varies across populations and individuals. When he’s not polishing otoliths he enjoys rock climbing, hiking, cooking, and reading.

Communications Officer: Naomi Pleizier (University of British Columbia)

Naomi is a PhD student in Colin Brauner’s lab in the Comparative Physiology group at UBC. She is currently studying the effects of gas supersaturation downstream of hydroelectric dams on the health and behaviour of fish. Her other interests include hiking, fine arts, diving, and traveling.


Communications Officer: Yangfan Zhang (University of British Columbia)

Yangfan is a Ph.D. student in Dr. Anthony P. Farrell’s lab in Comparative Physiology group at UBC. He studies cardiorespiratory physiology in general, with a focus on the entry of environmental effects upon fish integrated performance and their consequences at ecological and evolutionary levels. He enjoys fitness, running, swimming, hiking and golfing at spare time.

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Sean Cox (Simon Fraser University)

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